Program Review: TRX Total Strength

Back again after the two week program included with the purchase of any TRX system: TRX Total Strength. This review assumes you have at least some familiarity with suspension training, if you don’t, check out my general review of suspension training and then head on back here.

My gym for the last month
  • Body fat: 15.7% -> 16.5%
  • Arms: ~16 inches -> ~15 inches
  • Legs: ~25 inches -> ~26 inches

What is TRX Total Strength?

From the app:

My Lifting Background Up to This Point

I have been program lifting for over four and a half years. First six months were Stronglifts 5x5, then a year of Greyskull LP (during which I injured my back and spent months in recovery, losing a lot of deadlift and squat progress). I started 5/3/1 in February of 2017, switching to Forever style 5/3/1 in February of 2018. Then in 2019 I started various powerbuilding programs. 2020 was originally going to be a year of “extreme” programing, Deep Water being the first, but the covid-19 pandemic closed down and gyms and encouraged social distancing. So, I had to improvise. For the time being, it’s suspension training.

Work Outside of Suspension Training

During this program, I continued to take a daily creatine supplement of 5g, D3 5,000 IU vitamin supplement and Fish Oil for Omega-3 1000 mg. I do also supplement about 1/3 of my daily protein from a shake.


For the most part, I kept with the Deep Water diet because it worked so well for me. That meant very limited carbs, outside of fruit in my case, with 1–2 cheat meals a week. I found my percent of the time eating at home going up from like 80% to 95% with social distancing becoming the norm.

Impressions of the Program

Way too easy.


I’ll be honest that after doing the first two days of this I thought about just scrapping the idea and trying something different when I saw what I was getting into. But I decided that I should continue using these strange times to expand my horizons and try new things. I once read the quote “you are not a litmus test for the universe” as advice when critiquing something and it stuck with me because I think that is good advice. Just because I didn’t find a lot to like about how easy TRX Total Strength was doesn’t necessarily mean it’s bad, it just means it’s not for me. But, I will say with day 6 requiring almost $200 of extra equipment and how spotty the app performs right now, there’s really not much to like about this program even for the beginner.

Hi. I make movies and lift weights. I write about the latter here.

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